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How to write an essay like professional writer

Here is some basic data, which you should read before you begin composing your essay. If you follow these basic tips, your essay would be perfect.

Introduction is the essence and justification of the topic you chose. The introduction consists of a group of components connected logically and stylistically.

At this stage, it is very important to correctly formulate the questions on which you are going to find answers in your essay.

At the period of working on the introduction, the following questions can help you to find an answer:

Why the topic I am covering up is important at this moment?

What concepts will be included in my reflections about the topic?

Can I divide the topic into several sub-themes?

Is it necessary to give definitions of terms used in my essay?

Main part is the theoretical basis of the topic and the standard inquiry of your essay. This part gives the development of arguments, analysis, and their justification, based on specific information, and other arguments and positions about this issue. This is the main content of the essay and this is the most difficult phase. Therefore, sub-themes (sub-headings), on the basis of which arguments are used, are very important as well.

In the process of constructing an essay, recollect that one section ought to contain one statement and corresponding proof, supported by illustrative or scientific material.

The great importance for writing an essay plays the ability to observe. The object of your observations and descriptions can be various things, living beings, processes, actions, and even feelings. In the essay, everyone depicts a topic in its own way, such as he understands it. You can not name all the signs about the topic. Your task is to give a vivid idea about the topic, to convey your impression about it.

Final part is a generalization and reasoned conclusions of the topic with an indication of scope. The summary of an essay should additional explanations, refinements, reinforcements of the main part. For this purpose it is recommended to use illustrations, citations, impressive statements.

Short review of the book

Why and whom are reviews needed

Now it’s time to talk about what the reviews are for. Copywriters are going to write about another literary work not to share their opinion with the world. For us and you – it’s the same job for money, like any other text. And once the work, then let’s understand who and why they are needed.

Authors of popular e-books on a variety of subjects from vocal lessons to installation of water-based floors need social proof. Nobody wants to be the only buyer. With such cooperation with the author, a transaction is possible: you get a test copy of the book for free, read it and write a good review.

The second option is your own blog, in one of the sections of which you place your reviews on the read books on your topic. What benefits will the review bring to you personally? Here, as in the case of commentary, an informed opinion will serve as an excuse to look to you on a website or blog and get to know each other better. And this is the replenishment of subscribers and the increase in conversion with all the ensuing consequences.

If you want to write for money, then remember one important rule: reviews – a product with a short shelf life. And although many books do not lose their relevance for centuries, they were written about them long before us. We need to be read. It is the new items that are most interested in people. So, as soon as a new book on your subject was published, study it urgently and write a review. The more views you see, the faster you earn. Such a system pays for work on many resources.

People, when making a purchasing decision, spend a lot of time searching for feedback on the product they are going to buy. Books are no exception. And if the spirits are sold through the Internet, then books are even more so. Describe not only the plot, but also the quality of the paper, the font size, the presence of illustrations. So it’s exactly what people are looking for in reviews.

Essay writing attitude

When students are overwhelmed with their studying and hear about the common task to write an essay, when the situation is busy and hard as never, this must feel like mockery. And you can think like that. Or, there’s the alternative and you can learn on what you’v got. Through all your tiredness you still can do this and stay alive and even have fun. How? This article is to share the hidden secret.

  1. Change your attitude. It decides the mood you’ll be in the whole time of writing. If someone says it is boring or hard – they are too primitive to consider their words. Remember the books you’ve read and loved so much? It came out of the same type of working – out of writing. You can write interesting, too. You can be discussed as well if to try hard enough. The more it’s interesting for you, the more it will attract your future readers.
  2. What it gives you. No matter what your interests are, but such occupation makes you, for a little time, the level higher. Intellectual work has always been highly esteemed because of how it enriches you once you dedicate yourself to it. Your head fills up with new information, which was strange and unknown, but then you tamed it like it should be. Your time is not wasted in vain, you’ll have material and non-material, but appreciable product in the end. And it is worth coming to the end.

3. Widen your sources. Think creatively. While seeking needed info use not only vocabularies, encyclopedia or Wikipedia. Try to look at this task through the prism of your own interests. It may be, that popular person of your century has opinion about this topic or recollect something close in your memories and get it from the depth of mind. There are blogs, written or shot, podcasts, amateur explanations or experience sharing. Use all the achievements of your century, don’t pay attention for those, who hurry to say “hard” without real trying. Good luck, have fun!

Findings in diploma

The most important part of diplomas, essay, an abstract is the end. But actually how to summarized important in any aspect of life. Because you summarize everything on what you are working for. So without hundreds of words let go at close-up how to make a nice conclusion. From what consist this problematic conclusion:

  1. protection of the basic and main thoughts of your researching and show improvement and difference from guys before.
  2. practical proposition that can be used in practice (if there is a practical part of the thesis);  
  3. opinion on the future development of the research topic;  
  4. summing up the overall results  

In other words, the conclusion is a quick overview of the results obtained in the course of the thesis and the independent analytic termination drawn on their basis.  

The introduction of the conclusion is regulated in form and content, but there are some differences. Regulation is more about the piece is relatively easy to write on a template, then, in conclusion, there are more personal thoughts, since this part of the thesis is devoted to the conclusions of the author.

The end of the diploma must be written briefly, but it is capacious and thorough. The simplest option, which can go for lifhack – simply collect the conclusions by paragraphs and chapters and slightly process (a simple copy-paste will not work). But this approach will bring you, most likely, no more than a “C”.

To get a high score, you do not just have to move making the Findings in the process of work, in conclusion. Conclusions need to be generalized, to achieve their integrity. A serious mistake is the poor combination of conclusions on theory and practice. The student half of the ending devotes conclusions on the theoretical part, half – on the practical. So how should it be? And it is necessary to write a general conclusion on all diplomas, linking theoretical and practical conclusions together. After all, the goal of the findings is to give the work integrity, completeness

Writing a conclusion, it is necessary to use the scientific style of presentation.

To get an idea of how to create a conclusion, take a couple of diplomas written in your departments. You have before own eyes a sample of the conclusion of the thesis, which you need to focus on.

I hope this small idea can help you to end your diploma with honor.

Problems of all introductions

When a student brings a teacher the introduction of a diploma, pre-defense usually remains not so much time. But the supervisor sends for improvement one, two, three … Many students believe that the introduction is the most difficult part of the structure of the diploma.

№1. The structure of introduction does not comply with the standard.    Remember the main life when writing the introduction to the diploma: the introduction is written according to the model You do not need to reinvent the wheel. Take the methodology of the department and the diploma of the guy before (better than an excellent student). Focusing on the template, a good introduction can be written by a medium student.


№2. The introduction is completely or partially written off from someone’s monograph.  

   It is now difficult to find a student who would “borrow” the introduction from the foundation in the network of someone else’s diploma. The risk that you can be caught is obvious. But everybody takes from monographs.  

    First of all the jobs that you used can also be posted on the Internet. Secondly, even if we change the introduction so that the anti-plagiarism does not understand. The main problem will remain an completly unsuitable structure for the diploma’s introduction. Introductions in monographs and diplomas/dissertations are written in different ways. We can say that the introduction to the monograph is more artistic.


   One of the mandatory elements you forgot: the hypothesis, the problem, the goal, the tasks, the object, the object … The mistake is not so terrible, because you simply enter the missing element into the introduction and bring to the scientific supervisor to the next test. The main thing, do not write wrong things on enthusiasm. Not in all specialties, for example, you need to form a hypothesis, and on some object and object leave without attention

№4. Ignored the methodical instructions of the department.  

   Also the introduction is extremely old, there are “rattles” at different faculties and even departments. They concept of individual elements in the structure of the introduction. Somewhere, a hypothesis you may not, but analysis of sources and literature you need. Somewhere, by the way, the works of the guy you use can be mentioned casually, but the hypothesis must necessarily be put forward. In many respects, it depends on the type of research. And about the practical part.

   As you can I am not reinventing wheel about writing this. But these mistakes are very common.