In St. Mary’s County, a mile from Scotland and a mile and a half from Point Lookout, just off the main road is St. Michael’s Manor. The land of the original estate was one of

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Local stories claim that the manor was used as a field headquarters for the Union army during the Civil war.
The James Richardson family graveyard, enclosed in a wrought iron fence, with head markers dating from 1821 to 1866.

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three manors south of Smith Creek granted to Governor Leonard Calvert in 1639, “with the right of Court Baron and Court Leet.”
    St. Michael’s Manor probably was built by James L. Richardson about 1805. There is a brick in the house, formerly in a cornerstone, that says, J.L.R. 1805. Other families who have owned the house are the Langleys, the Milburns, the Williamson Smiths, and the Visek’s. In 1982 it was purchased by the present owners, Capt. and Mrs. Joseph L. Dick. The Richardson family are all buried in a graveyard in the woods, some 150 yards north of the manor, enclosed with a wrought-iron fence. James Richardson died in 1824.