Findings in diploma

The most important part of diplomas, essay, an abstract is the end. But actually how to summarized important in any aspect of life. Because you summarize everything on what you are working for. So without hundreds of words let go at close-up how to make a nice conclusion. From what consist this problematic conclusion:

  1. protection of the basic and main thoughts of your researching and show improvement and difference from guys before.
  2. practical proposition that can be used in practice (if there is a practical part of the thesis);  
  3. opinion on the future development of the research topic;  
  4. summing up the overall results  

In other words, the conclusion is a quick overview of the results obtained in the course of the thesis and the independent analytic termination drawn on their basis.  

The introduction of the conclusion is regulated in form and content, but there are some differences. Regulation is more about the piece is relatively easy to write on a template, then, in conclusion, there are more personal thoughts, since this part of the thesis is devoted to the conclusions of the author.

The end of the diploma must be written briefly, but it is capacious and thorough. The simplest option, which can go for lifhack – simply collect the conclusions by paragraphs and chapters and slightly process (a simple copy-paste will not work). But this approach will bring you, most likely, no more than a “C”.

To get a high score, you do not just have to move making the Findings in the process of work, in conclusion. Conclusions need to be generalized, to achieve their integrity. A serious mistake is the poor combination of conclusions on theory and practice. The student half of the ending devotes conclusions on the theoretical part, half – on the practical. So how should it be? And it is necessary to write a general conclusion on all diplomas, linking theoretical and practical conclusions together. After all, the goal of the findings is to give the work integrity, completeness

Writing a conclusion, it is necessary to use the scientific style of presentation.

To get an idea of how to create a conclusion, take a couple of diplomas written in your departments. You have before own eyes a sample of the conclusion of the thesis, which you need to focus on.

I hope this small idea can help you to end your diploma with honor.